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„Kunst ist Sch(m)utz“
[she/ they]
»Geschrieben wie das Christkind, ausgesprochen wie die Droge.«  (– FLUX FM, 2023)


CHRISTL hinterfragt mit ihrem Werk die Ambivalenzen der Kunst und des Künstler*innentums in der Gesellschaft. 

Welche Rolle spielt Kunst im Leben der Menschen, abseits von intellektualisierten und institutionellen Diskursen?



Try to label CHRISTL, you won't make it: CHRISTL is an artist who cannot be framed. Be it audiovisual,

graphic works or poetry - CHRISTL combines all of this into a perfect whole. CHRISTL are beyond

borders, beyond gender & beyond medium: they combine experimental soundscapes and energetic,

melancholic songs with their strong, sometimes fragile voice. CHRISTL is uncompromising, critical &

confrontational. In their art, CHRISTL focuses on stories, emotions or injustice. CHRISTL creates

spaces in which anger and love, fragility and strength are equally entitled to be felt and heard and

wants to unite what initially seems ambivalent in their work in an ironic way. Colours, shapes and

words give her the opportunity to unmask herself and others and to uncompromisingly create art with

which she is able to analyze, criticize and sometimes even romanticize her environment.



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Instagram: @holy.jesus.christl

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