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Eva Fomitski

Triptych Installation:
glass, concrete, photographs.

Part of the "SPIL'NYY KOD" project; 2023.


This installation reflects my contemplations on the symbolic constructs of societal traumas, and how they have united various generations of people, shaping the collective identity of a specific nation.Unprocessed collective trauma, which society has not come to terms with, can impact the psychology of distant descendants and evolve into a set of specific, unconscious traditions and customs that persist in the consciousness of future generations and influence the continued development of culture and society.

To me, the mirror serves as a symbol that, as I gaze upon my relatives with their complex destinies, I see my own reflection and undergo the same history as they do.


Eva Fomitski is a member of the collective of conceptual photographers MYPH. Participated in numerous projects and exhibitions in Europe and the US. Currently based in Graz, Austria. With a bachelor’s degree in Art History, Eva brings both a theoretical and practical understanding to her work. She is passionate about exploring the internal conflicts and traumas that often go unnoticed, and how they manifest themselves through various forms of expression. Previously focused primarily on photography, she is now transitioning to new media, installation objects, and video art. In her artistic practice, she explores the challenges of collective memory, the post-colonial mentality, and the psychological aspects that are inherent in human beings.

Artist Contact


Instagram: @eva_fomitski

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