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Julia Lacina

My default position is wonder

In a world that often strives for separation and categorization, it is worth questioning the boundaries of tolerance, perceiving identity as a spectrum, and appreciating the unknown, the ambiguous - to live and weave kinship.


Mold infested analog negatives 'Schimmelgraphien' (moments frozen in time, altered by the fungus) tell of processes of memory, amalgamation of past and present, and illuminate that we exist within an intricate web of human and non-human relationships.

The prints are exposed to the humidity of the cave and are directly connected to the mountain as a living organism.



we dare

to care
to share

relation:ship is

sitting in the same boat how do we cope

with differences?


dear embrace being                lost
being without name
being all names



Julia Lacina (BA), born and raised in Berlin, works multidisciplinarily as an artist, author, and

cultural facilitator in Graz and Berlin. Her visual works explore various aspects of identity, reality,

perception, and visual culture. Dreamscapes, memory, kinship, and the visuality of language

are subjects of her aesthetic research. She studied religious studies and philosophy in Potsdam,
as well as photography and art history in Graz. Currently, she is the recipient of a scholarship
from the University of Cincinnati for a Master's program in art-based research at the DAAP College.
She regularly participates in readings, has been published with photography,

poetry, and prose (most recently in Lichtungen #165, #169, and rûm #1-3) and is currently part

of the Kunstraum Steiermark exhibition at the Neue Galerie Graz.

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