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Soundproduzerin, DJane, Podcasterin

Alina Volkova, currently based in Graz, is an Ukrainian sound producer, DJ, AIR RAID SIREN ( podcast creator, co-founder of GRVGRV (@grvgrv.kyiv) music formation, and resident of Polygon label (@polygon_ua) and CUTIECORE formation (@cutiexcore). 


She has been DJing under the name Nina Eba for the past three years, a diverse range of bass and breaks, with a special focus on East Asian music and has performed at many venues across Ukraine and Europe. Additionally, her sets have been broadcasted on several radio stations and also she’s mad about playing in unusual places or conditions: In a train, and on a floating boat in the middle of the lake, on the back of a guy standing in a dog pose, or just in a huge HOT DOG costume. Besides tracks on streaming platforms such as "Bittersweet Bop," featuring Philadelphian sound producer Shady Monk, and her own single "All Similar.", she collaborated with the New Zealand label, The Big Fresh Collective, to release the charity EP "Ukraine Immortal." 


She is also the creator of the AIR RAID SIREN project, a cross-platform English-speaking podcast dedicated to spreading Ukrainian underground music and collecting stories of musicians about the war in her country. 


Currently, her focus is on music production and her new solo project "Nina Noona.", in which she’s mixing her soft high soprano vocals with broken rhythms, experimental sounds, and bass. Through her music, she aims to reflect on her personal experience of being a woman and growing up with sexist stereotypes, unrealistic romanticized statements about love, and other traumatic experiences.


1. Youtube stream by BRUKXT, Kyiv, 4 February 2023

2. Recording mix for Rinse France, Paris, 31 October 2022

3. DJ perfomance on GRVGRV NEW YEAR, Kyiv, 1 January 2023

4. audiovisual perfomance by Nina Noona and Svitlana Zhitnya on WAF, Graz, 8 March 2023



Instagram: djninaeba


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