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Bildender Künstler

Stefan studierte Bildhauerei / Transmedialer Raum an der Kunstuniversität Linz bei Tobias Urban / Ali Janka (Gelitin) und Eva Grubinger. Er lebt und arbeitet in Linz, wo er gemeinsam mit Felix Pöchhacker und Christel Kiesel den Ausstellungsraum EFES 42 betreibt.

„One has the feeling that whenever he gets time, Brandmayr is to be found tinkering away with his ongoing chain of sculptural works: welding a screw to some wire here, hacking the bottom off of a plinth there, or figuring out what he can sandwich together to make an interesting object that defies gravity, shows the secrets of its own creation and amuses the viewer without being grandiose or taking up too much space. Yet at the same time, there is a serious engagement with the concerns of sculpture.“

Text by Sam Bunn


1. Völkerball, 2023, Holz, Stahl, Lack, Gips, Papier, Epoxidharz, Fiberglas

2. Drunk in Public, 2022, Holz, Stahl 

3. Schöne Nase, 2020, Styrodur, Lack, Epoxidharz

4. Hawaii, 2023, Holz, Stahl, Lack, Styrodur, Epoxidharz



Instagram: @stefanbrandmayr


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