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Anissa Kuhn
Serie: Spurensegmente des Körpers
2022-2023, C
eramics and Collages
Spurensegmente des Körpers
2023, Film
Sound by Maximilian Szakaly


Anissa Kuhn's work focuses on change over time, ageing, memories, traces, movement and transformation: The body's potential for transformation. Abstract, organic, white-speckled sculptures are shown in conjunction with an accompanying film in which the level of the naked, female body emerges. She reveals the origins of the meandering forms: from observations and impressions of the moving body, the artist explores these bodies like a landscape. She describes the creation process as follows: "Pointed, soft, flat, deep zones, diverse textures and nuances can be found in every landscape as well as on every body. Human beings are also made up of mountains, gorges and valleys; paths and tracks can be followed and various contours are created through movement.The conditions of different regions change over time, transforming into something different, something new, over the years. "Starting with her own body, her fears, longings, insecurities and successes, the artist wants to create space for a conscious engagement with the body; from acceptance to self-love. She also attaches great importance to these moments of awareness and perception in her collaboration with women from her environment, and by depicting a wide variety of body textures, she aims to shatter the social norms of conventional beauty and express the diversity of "body landscapes". The ideal image, just like one's own body, fears and desires are never at a standstill, but are constantly in process - in the progression of time.


Anissa Kuhn (*September 15, 1996) is a visual artist from Vienna. She pursues her artistic interests and sculptural skills in the Cumberland54 studio in the 14th district. As a member of the SAMA collective, she is involved in organizing various exhibitions and art festivals and is responsible for the social media and web presence. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in "Interior Architecture & 3D Design" from the NDU St.Pölten in 2018, she worked on several projects and productions for artists, art associations and theaters in Vienna. Finally, in 2021, she completed the “sculpture” master class at the Ortweinschule Graz, where she worked with various materials and techniques

was trusted. Since then, the artist has focused intensively on the human body. The question is examined as to what individual elements look like in certain perspectives, as well as how the whole thing looks. The body works, how it moves, what its properties are; how we resemble each other and how different we are. She draws, photographs and models different body segments, abstracts them or forms parts directly from the human body. The result is an organic, round shape that is usually made from soft materials such as clay and wax. The beauty and diversity of body landscapes should always be made visible in a very sensual and honest way.

Artist Contact


Instagram: @a.nissa.kuhn

More about the artist and her general work here



per sculpture € 300 - € 500

per collage €100

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